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PhotographsSoundsDocumentsPhotographsSoundsDocuments Avante party 2015Avante party 2015!2015 06.09.2015'XIX Assembly of the WFDYXIX Assembly of the WFDY13.11.2015'36.º birthday JCP (Lisbon)36.º birthday JCP (Lisbon)15.11.2015'The International CommunistThe International Communist'Manifestation National AssemblyManifestation National Assembly10.11.2015'Yes to Peace! No to NATO!Yes to Peace! No to NATO!10.24.2015'Avante party 2015Avante party 2015!2015 06.09.2015'Political Resolution… Read More
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High School

The High School Organization of JCP has focused its intervention in Elementary Schools and High Schools, in defence of student rights. JCP is uncompromising in its defence of the School of April: A quality education that is public, free and democratic! In each school, the… Read More
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The Portuguese Communist Youth, together with its mass work with the youth, develop institutional intervention, and here too has played an important reporting role, clarification and action to solve the problems of youth. There are many examples of this type of intervention. Firstly in terms… Read More
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